Simpiwe Vetyeka slays the Dragon to win WBA title

06/12/2013 15:38

On the day of the death of Nelson Mandela, South African Simpiwe Vetyeka scored the biggest win of his career and claimed the WBA featherweight title. Chris "The Dragon" John of Indonesia, after taking a brutal one-sided beating, quit on his stool after the 6th round at Metro City, Northbridge, Australia.

 John (48-1-3) was down in the 5th round and twice in the 6th round by Vetyeka (26-2) though only one knockdown in the 6th was officially scored a knockdown. Despite 18 successive title bouts, John was unable to compete with Vetyeka's incredable hand speed and power punches which put a tremendous beating on John throughout the fight. John informed the referee and the ringside doctor in his corner he was physically unable to continue.